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My dad got into trouble a wee while ago for suggesting that there was an anti gay bigotry in the SNP after the Mormon SNP MSP Brian Adam (who is also the Convener of the Standards and Public Appointments Committee) arranged to have interns for the Scottish Parliament provided by the Mormon University Brigham Young. Now just in case you don't know the Mormon religion was founded by a man called Joseph Smith who based the religion on a 'visitation' from the Angel Moroni. My dad got in trouble because he made a joke and instead of saying Mormons he used morons (although on the face of it the religion should have been called the moron faith based on the angel Moroni's name!) This same joke is made in Angels in America the American drama.

Well as it turns out the SNP are at it again apart from Fergus Ewing MSP (SNP again) supporting the actions of a rogue number of Firefighters who refused to hand out fire safety advice at a gay pride rally in Glasgow, the other SNP MSP at it this week is Roseanna Cunningham. In the Scottish Parliament this week the antiquated adoption laws were being updated and Ms Cunnigham suggested that she represented the majority of Scottish voters in that she advised that she did not see 'how overturning tens of thousands of years of natures design moves us forward.'

For me it begs the question is Ms Cunnigham suggesting that there were no gay people thousands of years ago? If so where is the empirical evidence to support this? The reason this will not be answered is that this evidence does not exist. I am not suggesting that any religion is any better than any other or that the Mormon church is alone in this bigoted view, unfortunately the Catholic church is just as bad, in fact worse as their representatives wrote to each elected representative to try and guilt the MSP's in the name of God to vote against these proposals.

I feel as a Catholic extremely ashamed of those people who assume to speak on behalf and it is for me yet another reason religion should not be involved in politics. The problem? The church in whatever guise is not a democracy it is a bunch of middle to old age (I apologise to the young priests who know me) making decisions on a book that is supposedly over 2000 years old!

Have a look at the Herald newspaper article and my fathers webpage for more information.

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