Thursday, September 14, 2006



I was lucky enough this afternoon to be able to sit in on the Lifelong Learning and Work policy board. Despite the new buildings and facilities for the pupils of Renfrewshire the SNP are still talking them down, they are tyring to find ANYTHING wrong with the schools in order to say to the electorate, 'it would be better under an SNP administration'. I thought that it was important to point out here that under an SNP administration this Council would be bankrupt!

None of the motions they bring to the full council are costed, at the last budget meeting in February of this year the SNP proposed that the council CANCEL the PPP project, this would have cost the Council £19 MILLION, I wonder if the people of Renfewshire think this is a good way to spend the money? Keep in mind the SNP did not have an alternative at this stage for building the schools and upgrading the school estate, it was simply do it from existing council budgets! This would have meant wide ranging cuts.

The problem with the SNP locally is that their tactic is to say bring this back to us, don't do that, give us more money. They refuse to work within the grants the Scottish Executive have given the council and their solution is to ask for more, yeah cause that it going to work.

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