Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 Remembered


My mum and dads generation had Kennedy and the question where were you when he was shot? For my generation there are a few of them, when I was a lot younger it was where were you when challenger blew up? My answer was in Room one in the Primary School watching the launch on the Television, I remember it although I must have been about 10. When I was older in University the question became where were you when Thomas Hamilton entered Dunblane primary and shot and killed 16 children? My answer I was in my local primary school gym hall with Primaries one to six teaching them the music for the primary three first communion.

Then five years ago yesterday it became where were you when the planes flew into the World Trade Centre? I remember being in my boyfriend of the time's living room getting ready to go get him from work for a late lunch. I remember watching BBC news 24 and seeing the footage of the first tower in flames, I called and let him know and then went back to watching as I got ready, about five minutes before I was due to leave the second plane hit the second tower, by the time we reached lunch the reports were coming about the other planes, the Pentagon and fact that all flights had been grounded. We sat in amazement and watched as the buildings eventually collapsed and we, along with many other people who had poured into the pub when they heard the news, stood and watched the horrific events.

It is good that five years on people still remember and pay tribute to those who have died, and although I didn't know any of those who lost their lives I know that they will linked to all of our lives for a long time.

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