Monday, April 23, 2007



(Photo from BBC Five Live website)

My sister alerted me to this at the weekend and I must admit I was sceptical, and by this I mean I was thinking it is 2007, SURELY Ms Oatley is not the first woman to commentate on Match of the day? or TV as a whole on a football game? However it seems I was wrong and although there are some dinosaurs out there saying they will never watch the BBC football programme ever again because she is commentating most of the comments I have read/heard have been positive, so good on you Jacqui Oatley I will certainly be more likely to listen now, just to make up for the idiots who say that women can't possibly know as much as men when it comes to football!


Kerron said...

Hi Rayleen,

I have to disagree about Jacqui's standard of commentating - it was really poor! It was like she wasn't even at the game and had put the commentating on afterwards.

Before you pigeon hole me as a closet misogynist(!), I would point you towards this piece I wrote a while ago:

The truth is people like Gabby Logan and Helen Chamberlain are good examples of women who are passionate about football, are very knowledgable and add something to sports coverage.

Unfortunately Jacqui didn't really, in my opinion. However it was her first go, so here's hoping she does better next time.

BTW there are loads of good female touchline reporters over on Sky.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Kerron: Fair enough at least your comment is based on the facts and not just based on the fact that she is female and therefore knows nothing about Football, I think she probably was nervous and will get better, I am sure that the History of the occassion did not escape her.

I agree though that there are some excellent women involved in football coverage.


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