Monday, April 23, 2007



The SNP would have us all believe that the Labour Party only want to talk Scotland down, that there is something wrong with you if you are pro Scotland and pro Union, but don't worry this is clearly not the case.

You can't get more pro Scotland than the Scottish Football Manager and he has recently (along with other top managers and ex players) signed an advert advising the Scottish public to vote for the Union in the elections on May 3rd.

The SNP's assertion that you have to be pro independence to be patriotic is laughable, I am proud to be from Paisley, proud to be Scottish and proud to part of the Union,



The Cynic said...

As I have just also posted on TK's site I am certainly no fan of Salmond or his motley crew - they can not maintain the pretence of being "all things to all people" forever.

However, Labour can no longer take for granted its long standing, traditional support.

At Westminster, at Holyrood as well as at Cotton Street and council chambers throughout the country our Labour representatives really need to remember that they represent the interests of ordinary people not big business.

Not to say that Labour should be anti-business, or pereceived as such, but those who get to position of authority on the back of the Labour movement should remember its roots and what it stands for; or at least it used to.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Cynic: Thanks for that I totally agree that it can seem sometimes as though we lose our way but I can assure you that the Labour representatives locally are taking NO ONE for granted and they recognise the need for the balance and that what matters most is representing the people who elect you.

Jeff said...

I assume that you will disassociating yourself from this advert now that it has been ruled illegal by the Electoral Commission?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Jeff: funnily enough no, I am not, I have not heard anything about the elctoral commission ruling it out of order, it has never been a problem before running such adds. If you reference your source I will have a look at it,

The point of the advert is still valid, all of those who have signed it are Pro Union, including Alex Ferguson and Alex McLeish.

Jeff said...

Pro-Union advert ‘unlawful’

Will you now condemn the illegal advert?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Jeff: did you actually read the story you have linked? The person placing this add made a mistake, which the electoral commission have now accepted, the electoral commission have also allowed the company in question to apply for registration retrospectively, provided this retrospective permission is granted it is no longer unlawful.

The point is that these managers and ex footballers are pro Union, you have yet to comment on that.


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