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The last meeting of Renfrewshire Council for the term 2003 to 2007 has just finished, the meeting was actually very well behaved and the tributes to those members who are leaving were obviously from the heart. Cllr McDowell reminded the members of previous elections where apparently Cllr Mitchell of the SNP walked up and down the town centre with a TV above his head, don't ask because I have no idea why.

The main item on the agenda was the motion from Cllr Mark McMillan regarding the custody centre proposed for the Castle Gardens area in Renfrewshire, two other Labour Councillors Cllr Terry Kelly and Cllr Tommy Williams amended the motion to include a condemnation of the Police Board for not recognising the concerns of the local representatives on the board over the lack of consultation.


Alex said...
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Rayleen Kelly said...

ALEX: Seeing as how you are unsure I will answer this query here but in future I would be most obliged if you could post on the relevant topic, in other words find an article on the topic in question and comment on it. Not sure where you are getting the plans for this project from but I cannot comment on anything of that nature as I have not seen them. Funnily enough I am not going to say that the proposal is flawed because I believe in it I understand there are those who would rather the Pavilion sat the way it is for all eternity (including the Liberals on the Council) but that is not a tenable position, upgrading this facility with community use available will be a drastic improvement to what is there at present.

I am not a property surveyor but the details have been worked out by the council officials and I have complete trust in them.

In response to the pitches being in 'sole control' of St Mirren, the details of this are being worked out at present and I would not want to jeopardise the negotiations by stating ultimatums on this forum, I am sure you can appreciate this. Your disgust may be growing but you facts are wrong and I am not surprised given that you seem to be a reader of such nonsense, the reference that you have copied this to another blog has been deleted in line with my blog role policy.

alex said...

alex said...

I wasn't sure how to post this, however, forgive me if it is in the wrong place.

Today I have seen the drawings that show the layout of the new proposals for the Penilee project.

These drawings show the grass pitches clearly segregated and fenced off from the other areas.

The synthetic pitch is not. This concurs with the statements in the proposal of 13/03/2007 where it says that St. Mirren get sole use and access to these areas.

If this is not the case, then why does the proposal not say this clearly and leave it open to criticism in the way that it has been done.

Will you come out and say that this is not the case and that the proposal is clearly flawed and should not have been approved or even voted on with such a large ambiguity.

On the verge of an election, you now have the opportunity to clarify this situation properly with the following question.

Have Labour ensured that the 2 grass pitches are not directly controlled by St Mirren and will be directly open to community hire at a similar hourly rate or less that St Mirren currently lease at..

My guess is not so please correct me.

Over a 10 year period St Mirren pay only 11.5% of this project overall and only 3.33% of the capital value (which I am informed relates to costs needed for changes for the pavilion internally to suit them).

I have consulted with a property surveyor who has told me that a lease on such land with such facilities would probably attract an annual cost of almost 3 times the amount of money that St Mirren are paying and maybe even under the right circumstances 5/6 times that.
How can this really be justified in view of the ridiculous Labour rises in council taxes over the last 10 years. I don't have the exact figures, but I guess that Renfrewshire Council is probably amongst the worst. Especially with nothing to show for it.

Wonder where the money goes?

Are the local taxpayers or others going to get free St Mirren tickets and hospitality meals to compensate them, or is it just a big election publicity stunt.

Please advise, Raylene, as my disgust with the Labour Council increases on a day to day basis.

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