Friday, December 01, 2006



As promised here are a few of the images from the outrage conference on Wednesday...

Above is a work entitled Sadness to Sunshine by the Disability Resource Centre.

The above work is titled S.E.A.N. (Somebody, everybody,anybody, nobody) by the Star project and Renfrewshire Women's Association. This particular art work is interactive, on the way into the conference the delegates were given a sticker with the phrase ....

'I Pledge, Never to Commit, Condone or Remain Silent About Violence against Women.'

Each delegate then signed the pledge and attached it to Sean, it was an excellent idea and very well done.


Karian said...

Just thought I would also point out that, not only women are victims of domestic violence in a study done in between 1996 - 2000 it showed men and women are victims of this.
females are more likely at risk of,
threated with an object, choked or strangled, stabbed or cut and forced sex. Males are more likely at risk of, damaged property, pushed and shoved, having something thrown at them, hit with something.
I think we need to keep this in perspective just because females wear a skirt and bear children doesn't mean they are meek and weak, a lot of these females give as good as they get. There is no excuse for violence be it male or female, domestic or otherwise.
Also another point being many females choose to stay in these relationships and never look for the help that is there, I perosnally know of more than one person who has had their male partners arrested for domestic violence and they then go to court on the Monday morning to wait for them, Why even offer help to people like this, yes I know there are genuine victims amongst these people but it is the ones who press charges that get the help and although I have not studied this subject closely I am certain that a greater percentage get back with their partners straight away, therefore it is a waste of resources to offer these people the service time and time again.
Just my opinion but feel there has to be another way to get to the real victims of domestic violence and thats the ones that the authorities know nothing about.
Hugz Karen

Rayleen Kelly said...

Karen, I take your point in my original post you will see that I did point out that although this particular occassion was about domestic violence towards women it is by no means a women's only issue!

The problem is that many women find themselves in a violent cycle where they do find it almost impossible to leave, be it that they are scared or that they can simply not think of themselves outside of the relationship because they feel that it defines them.

I don't think that anyone is beyond help, and like you I don't think that anyone should have to live in a relationship where violence occurs.

I understand that some women turn back to the relationship but many live in the same house as the abuser (be it male or female),I have known at least one person in my life who was a victim of domestic abuse and had to leave the home with children and seek refuge, only for the abuser to find them, it is not as simple or straight forward as it seems. I do not pretend to know everything about it, and I like many other women have said in the past 'it will never happen to me, I won't let it' having spoken to those who have come through these situations I know it can happen to ANYONE!


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