Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Renfrewshire Against Gender Violence

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to the first Outrage conference which has been organised by Renfrewshire Women's Association it is part of the 16 days of action for the elimination of violence against women which is being held internationally. I am writing this while waiting to go back over for the second half of the day but, this morning was fantastic, the Beechwood Women's group were fantastic and their drama had quite a few of the audience in tears. When I went outside at lunch there were a few of the audience talking about the morning session and they seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it, similarly brilliant was the Women 4 Women Group, many have experienced the issue of sexual and physical abuse and they gave an audio presentation which was outstanding.

This afternoon it is the turn of a very talented young actress called Naomi Breeze who does a one woman show about domestic violence from the individuals perspective, the first time I caught the performance we were not told that it was a drama presentation and it was like a woman just telling her story, very powerful and you get the chance I would definitely go see her.

Also this afternoon is the Women and Children's First project, Choose Life and RAMH as well as closing remarks from Community Learning and Development. I will update later (hopefully with visuals of the art work also on display) on this afternoon's presentations.

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