Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Previously I had written about Elaine Murray MSP and her efforts to shame HBOS into paying more money into the Farepak fund, today is the turn of Jim Devine MP. Mr Devine has been involved with this from the very beginning and his efforts are to be congratulated, in todays Herald newspaper it states that he has had a response from HBOS re their credit management procedures, and has asked for further information on what these actually are and how they were applied to EHR and Farepak.

In the same article it tells of how reps from Kleeneze have condemned the actions of EHR the parent company to both Farepak and Kleeneze for their actions in this matter.

The main point here is the one that I have hinted at in the earlier post, that HBOS got most of their money back, it was the ordinary woman/man on the street that lost their savings! I do not think that it is too much to ask for HBOS to be significantly more generous than they have been with regard to the fund do you?

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