Tuesday, August 15, 2006

National Politics


There is a lot of talk on the national media about the airlines starting to use racial profiling as a tool for searching people at the airport. When they say they are going to start using it as a tool it gets me a little confused, they have been using it as a tool unofficially for a number of years, the fact that if you are Asian you are more likely to be stopped and searched at an airport is well documented, the fact that if you are black and in America you are more likely to be pulled over by the police is similarly documented.
I admit to having a problem with the use of racial profiling as an official or unofficial tool for stop and search inside or outside of our airports, why? I believe that using this as a tool plays into the hands of the terrorists, if the Muslim community feel that they are being victimised (which they would be by this action) the terrorists are more likely to recruit more people who feel a genuine grief towards the society they live in. I have nothing against criminal profiling in the physiological sense there are times where it is helpful, for instance in a local case here in Renfrewshire seven years ago a young woman was abducted, raped and murdered and in order to find the killer the police force used a number of these physiological tools and they were right every time. Racial profiling was not used as it is not useful in detecting crime it is racism plain and simple.

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