Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Loca Journalists

Local Journalist in Paisley

I probably shouldn't write this but as it is a personal opinion I can't see how it will affect anyone really. I have noticed that locally in Renfrewshire there has been at least one journalist who has been pretty much losing the plot! All of the articles this journalist does are against the Labour Council, all of them are based on a press release by a single issue group (it changes week to week which one it is) and each article they write are purposefully one sided and incorrect.

For instance you only have to look at the coverage of the Parking scheme in Seedhill written by this journalist, or the coverage of the Seedhill Playing fields situation, in which they constantly misrepresent the truth but print it anyway.

I always thought that journalists were supposed to be impartial, it doesn't matter which side is right you report what you uncover and let the reader decide! OK a bit naive I know but more or less that is what journalists do as long as you know their bias you can figure out what is real and what isn't! Locally some of the journalists have lost the way in this regard but ultimately it is down to the editor and herein lies the problem.

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Heather said...

A most interesting blog, I am glad I came to look. Thank you for visiting mine (I did laugh at your antics at South Newton) and I shall come back in the light of day for some more reading. Just wanted you to know I had been here.



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