Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homecoming 2009 A Waste?

Highland Games and Golf

OK so some people reading this might think well she is Labour (therefore anti Scottish) and we don't expect her to get on board, but I have spoken to friends who are of the nationalist persuasion and they agree, showing the Homecoming advert in Scotland (almost on loop round about Burns anniversary) is a complete waste of money and time.

I honestly could put my foot through the television when it comes on, Eddie Reader who has a fantastic voice (and sounds good in the advert cause the song is fab) but who seems to think that being Scottish means that you must love Burns poetry and appreciate it's beauty (sick of getting it forced down my throat) or two random rugby players (who no one I have spoken to knows), it took me while to work out who some of the others were too, but the biggest insult has to be Shir Sean and Lulu. Shir Sean who couldnt even be bothered to attempt to sing - come on do it with some gusto mate- and Lulu who has decided she has a Scottish accent after all, or at least she has it this week.

The whole campaign is an insult to normal Scottish people a lot of whom are struggling to cope in the current climate, the worlds biggest Highland games are we being serious? What about a massive rock concert twinned with the Celtic connections and leading onto a massive investment in town twinning and exchange trips for young Scottish students? What about an unprecedented investment in Scottish Schools and Scottish Home Care for the Edlerly show the world that the homecoming is not just about those overseas coming home but about social justice and caring for each other, guess that is too much to expect.

The SNP locally have slashed home care budgets, slashed the wardens service in the elderly homes and slashed the budgets for education closing educational establishments, they have let the Roads in Paisley go to the dogs and are singularly uninterested in the people of Renfrewshire, but then what more could we expect?

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