Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The BBC and Gaza

SKY and BBC Pro Israel?

I ask this question based on their almost inexplicable refusal to air the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) appeal for humanitarian aid in Gaza. I have read a few posts lately from supporters of the appeal and have been astounded by the level of attacks that they have been subjected to, and I fully expect to be attacked myself for this post.

One such blogger I have come across is written by a Palestinian doctor living in Egypt, it is an eye opener and one which is written from an eye witness of the tragedy so to speak, this blog is written from a perspective of human suffering and uses posts from those inside Gaza.

To address any imbalance I tried to put in a pro Israel blog here but I am finding it difficult to find one who has posted on the above blog who allows their profile to be seen.

The BBC and Sky have disgraced themselves by even suggesting that the UK public are not intelligent enough to know the difference between a news report (which should be balanced anyway) and an appeal by a charity for support for humanitarian aid. I find it difficult to swallow the excuses given by both the BBC and Sky and impartiality, both of these stations have been universally condemned for this action and rightly so, if you have not already done so please make a donation.

I would also urge people to write to the BBC and Sky regarding their decision.

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