Friday, January 12, 2007



When I was quite a bit younger I joined Paisley Youth Theatre (now PACE) one of the things it was great for was meeting new people, this is where the latest comes in. I never have name dropped for instance did you know that I sang with David Sneddon at the Millennium celebrations in Paisley. Oopps just ruined David's street cred, sorry David! Hope you are well!

To this end I am absolutely inspired that BAFTA have seen fit to nominate (again) an absolutely fantastic young actor (and fellow ex member of PACE) James McAvoy. Even as a younger actor he was inspirational, he made you want to come up to his level and I am DELIGHTED for him and his success!!

Congratulations James it is great to see you doing so well, I can honestly say that you deserve it!

PS Really need to say that it is totally weird to see fan sites and action figures of people you know (or rather knew!) seriously!!!

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