Wednesday, January 10, 2007



After the press report in the Paisley Daily Express today regarding Frances Curran local list MSP for the SSP being arrested I thought that it was important that my constituents were provided with the information of how Ms Curran's actions effected them.

If you are a Daily Record reader you will have noticed that today they ran with an article advising that Scotland's communities are being 'robbed' of their community police force by the protests at Faslane, Seedhill is one of those areas. On Monday the local Community Officer was seconded to Faslane in order to effectively do crowd control for the SSP/Solidarity MSP group.

I do not agree with Nuclear weapons, I have said before and will probably say again that I have not made up my mind on the issue of the replacement of Trident, but, I know that I would not be 'purposefully' getting myself arrested in order to prove my point, which is what Ms' Curran, Kane and Leckie have been doing for sometime now. Ms Kane of the SSP was giggling and laughing as the Police had to forceably remove her, if she is charged with breach of the peace she will (as she has before) refuse to pay the fine and go to jail.

It is no mistake that the SSP/Solidarity are constantly removed from blocking the entrance, I deplore their actions they do not seem to care what effect this has on their constituents.


Max said...

Just when I think I can't respect you any less, you manage to pull something like this out of the bag.

I don't happen to agree with the protest, but protesting is their right.

Your position that their protest is affecting the short-term well-being of their constituents is bribery and reflects your parties increasing desire to restrict civil liberties.

Whatever Frances Curran's principles are, at least she's fighting for them rather than promoting her own self interest. That a a lot more than can be said for anyone in your party.

Once again - you disgust me.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Max: your lack of respect for me is neither here nor there. You may think it is bribery (although I am not sure what you mean by bribery)but it does not make the point any less valid! You may think that it is a short term well being but those affected by crime do not!

My party does not seek to restrict civil liberties and the fact that you stand up for those who purposefully waste Police time does not surprise me!

Frances Curran did not do this because of her principles she did this to get her face on the news and in the paper, the reason? Because instead of participating in the process she and the SSP would rather disrupt it for cheap publicity, that you can't see this does not surprise me.

Thanks again, please come again!


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