Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Scottish Labour Fight for Paisley


I know that this is going to be an ongoing saga but I thought that I would put updates on here about the change of name for the University as and when they are needed! I checked in on the University's student union website and they have had quite the discussion on the general forum about the name change, most of the students are against it and the only positive voice in the whole forum who seems overwhelmingly FOR the name change is the very person who is Supposed to represent the views of the students .... the deputy president of the Student Association. I kept thinking things have really changed since I was there at least our student representatives acted on our behalf and not in the best interests of the lecturers and the University Court! To be fair the Deputy President may not be aware of the information you get here so give them the benefit of the doubt they will get it eventually.
Today there was also a story in the Paisley Daily Express regarding the consultation they sent out a reporter to the Community (more than the University is doing) and asked them for their opinions the response was overwhelming against the change of name, only one person in the article suggested it was a good idea and that was a lecturer who lets be honest will probably gain from the name change in some way! I cannot help but think that the lecturer in question has ideas of granduer, this person is thinking what sounds better and bigger? I work for the University of Paisley? or I work for the University of the West of Scotland?
A name change will change the reputation of the University but not for the better, the staff will remain the same, the procedures will remain the same, the issues they have will remain the same, the only thing that will change is what they call it!

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