Monday, June 08, 2009

Race for Life

The Race for Life

I have had one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling weekends of my life and I am still buzzing from the excitement.

Saturday was the wedding of two good friends John and Lucy, the bride was beautiful and the groom couldn't stop smiling it was a truly magical wedding and I was so pleased that they allowed us to be part of their big day. Even the obligatory dancing, which I am hopeless at, even more so when I am sober and have all of the usual inhib
itions, was fantastic. The band were great and covered all types of music, even the bus ride home from Kilbirnie was a great laugh and I got home around 1am, later than I planned.

On Sunday it was an early rise for the Race for Life, and getting ready was a littl
e more difficult than expected, as I lost the safety pins so I couldn't attach my number or my name plate on my back!

My friend Charlene picked me up and we were off to Glasgow Nautical college to meet up with the girlies. We had already had one injury before we got there one of the girls has been having joint problems as was unable to take part -doctors orders- but we soldiered on. When we got there Sharon and her trusted bum bag had spare safety pins (thank god) and a whole host of things (pens to write names in case we forgot, and well it was a Mary Poppins bag)
, we all got suited and booted with our numbers on the front and the names of those we wanted to run for on our backs.

Before getting on our way we took a group photo (will put this up when I get it), When we walked towards Glasgow Green we could hear the music and the stage announcers right away,
'Welcome to Race for Life Glasgow, the biggest Race for Life in the UK, 17,500 women are taking part today ...'

On arriving I had no idea it was going to be this big an event,

Between and 'Reach for the stars' warm up and Suzie Maguire of Real Radio breaking two microphones it was a great atmosphere. Lord Provost of Glasgow Bob Winter gave a fab speach, short and sweet and really fitting the occasion.

On Our way to the start line, which you had to walk to down the road and round the corner, getting ready to go (male cheerleader at the start shaking his pom poms) and we were off on a whistle tour of Glasgow, we managed to complete the course in under 1 hour and had a fantastic amount of support all the way through from the road sweepers out and about and clapping the racers on their way past, to the ordinary people lining the route and clapping and cheering.

Loads of different people taking part, with the wee white scotty dog with the pink whistle round it's neck to those suffering from cancer who were running to prove that it can be done. It is a humbling experience walking beside someone who has their own name on their back, to the family of James who were in the final stages with us, obviously a mother and sisters, you could write a book with the stories just printed on the back's of those taking part and I am sure that similar to me others will be writing about this and hoping that they touch even one person and compel them to either take part or at least sponsor us.

We crossed the finishing line to whoops and cheers and I don't think I have ever had such a sense of achievement in all my life, I know it is a small victory and it is only 5Km but crossing that line you feel as though you are doing something special and it is true the taking part is the bit that matters.

Absolutely buzzing I have still not come down from the roof yet, we got a medal and a goody bag which was totally besides the point, and better than that we raised an amazing amount on line for an excellent cause. So just in case you were waiting for us to complete please sponsor us now...

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