Friday, September 14, 2007



The SNP both nationally and locally have been up to their eyes in it this week, between the SNP locally cutting £2 Million off the budget without being able to tell the Council members where the cuts would be made, and from what I hear they were also unwilling to give a long term commitment to continuing the Labour Party policy of no compulsary Redundancies, and the SNP nationally being voted down in the Parliament over their plans for their Skills initiative.

On the second case it doesn't look as though they will be paying much attention to the defeat in terms of policy, as they seem to be suggesting they will go ahead with it anyway.

Interestingly enough on the Local front according to press reports the SNP/Liberal Democrat Administration will be cutting £1.1 Million from the Education budget in Renfrewshire and over half a Million from the Social Work budget, what the PDE didn't cover was that despite being very specific about the amounts being cut, the SNP were not so forthcoming in terms of what this would mean to front line services and staff, we shall wait and see.

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