Wednesday, May 30, 2007



At the Paisley East End Parking Scheme Public Hearing many local people got the opportunity to object to the current proposals for changing parking in the East End of Paisley.

The reporter, Patrick Hetherington, will weigh the evidence and make his report to the council in the near future.

Local councillor Jim Sharkey called for 2 permits for those households and businesses that require them. He said...

"Having listened to all the evidence I am convinced that working families will be penalised unless the council is prepared to move on the issue of 2 free permits to each of the residents and I feel a powerful case was made by the local businesses to have the same. I am especially pleased that the council is going to make the disabled parking spaces mandatory. That upgrades the provision for disabled people in the area and I welcome that."

Local activist Rayleen Kelly said...

"I’m glad that the Labour councillors are agreeing with my campaign to have more than one permit and that the permit must be free and I hope that the issue of visitors’ parking will be similarly considered. I am more worried about the former transport spokesperson of the SNP’s involvement in case he revives his 1997 plan to charge £10 for the residents’ permits."

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