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This just in Salmond dodges the question, when asked if the SNP lost the referendum on independence would they continue to ask until the Scottish people were sick of listening to it? He ruled it out by saying that the constitutional question was a once in a generation thing, then said well you know I can't commit the SNP to a long term strategy? Is he thinking he won't be here after Thursday anyway? Is he thinking he will be sent back to Westminster to think again? I do!

The problem is that he can't answer this question honestly because he knows that the people of Scotland by a majority want to stay a part of the UK.


RightForScotland said...

I think he is wrong. It should be a once in a parliament question. Like (if you will forgive me going onto familiar ground) a conversion after a try.

If an SNP executive is returned they should have the right to put the question once to the people during the term of that parliament. When it is rejected (because the SNP are nothing more than the party of sheep farmers and the home of the anti-Labour vote) they don't get to ask it again unless they win the next general election.

Clairwil said...

Well whatever you choose as a new career, I'd give fortune telling a miss if I were you.

Rayleen Kelly said...

CLAIRWILL: Funnily enough I had not considered it as a career but then again I never considered politics as a career! I wasn't there to make a name for myself I was there to help my constituents and I believe that I did do a good job of this, and have already received thank you messages from my constituents. Don't worry though I won't be going anywhere I will still be there or abouts.

Rayleen Kelly said...

RFS: With over 60% of the representatives in the Scottish Parliament being from anti indepedence parties it doesn't sound to me as if there is much of a mandate to ask the question at all!!

Tom Williamson said...

Ms Kelly, your defeat at the local elections is a direct indictment of Labour councillors' decision to sell off part of Seedhill playing fields.

The council was presented with a petition containing thousands of local residents opposition to the plan but this was ignored.

eli.b said...

Its a shame nepotism did not come to the rescue this time.It also appears that your constituents did not agree about the good job you were doing for them. Or maybe it was the offhand way you treated the people who are against this socialist policy of ripping up Seedhill playing field and selling it, or maybe the lies about what is under the ground. It is foolish to treat voters badly and then expect their vote. Though your manner does not surprise me knowing who your father is and reading his constant barbed answers to anything he does not agree with.

fido said...

Your profile still shows you as a councillor.

Buddyboy said...


Shouldn't this site now be taken off the web or at least adjusted as you are no longer a councillor.

By the way, if it is any consolation, myself and many others would rather have had you in our ward than what we have been given.

At least your votes came from you area.

Your area voters are now faced with dealing with someone else. How did this happen?

It would appear that there is a prominent dorsal fin out there somewhere

Rayleen Kelly said...

Tom: Sorry I don't agree but then I have seen the results you obviously haven't!! We were extremely close to getting two Labour Councillor's elected and that will be our goal next time as well. There was no defeat here and think it is important to point that out I may no longer be the Councillor but we still have one Labour member, two SNP and one Lib Dem which is exactly the make up of the ward previous to the election.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Eli: It is tempting to tell you where to go given that I am no longer the Councillor and can do that but then I wouldn't want to stoop to your level!

I think you will find that there are lies being told about what lies under the Seedhill Playing fields but it is not the Council who are lying.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Fido: Just for you sweety I have updated it, however I should point out that I haven't updated until today as this is the first chance I have had.

Rayleen Kelly said...

buddyboy: sorry I missed your comment there got caught up, I am not sure why you think this blog should now be taken off the net, I have always promoted this as a personal blog just look at the bottom for more info!! These are my opinions, for what it is worth thank you for your somewhat strange comments about the result, but I can assure you that Jim will make an excellent Councillor and is already working hard for his constituents.


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