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It turns out that the SSP either can't count or don't mind misleading the electorate online, if you click on the title above 'SSP CAN'T COUNT' You will see proof that they are suggesting that they are standing a candidate in EVERY Council ward in among other places our very own Renfrewshire. Now there are 11 wards in the new make up of Renfrewshire Council but, it seems that the SSP think that 8 is the same as 11 as the former is the number of Council candidates they are standing, exactly the same number of candidates Solidarity are standing locally as well!

Also on a similar note it is worth pointing out that although the Liberals are suggesting they want to change the Council they should be pointing out that they are only standing one more candidate than the Conservatives, with them standing 12 and the Conservatives are standing 11, maybe they should be more honest and tell their electorate what they intend to do with the members they get in? Who exactly would they go into coalition with? Or are they just saying what they like because they have no intention on implementing it.


Charlie said...

Aye but yer daddy can't spell.

People in glass house dear.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Charlie: Two points dear, I think that the saying you are trying to quote is 'people in glass houses shoudn't throw stones' not 'glass house', I point this out as your comment refers to my dad's spelling, bad idea when you clearly have issues with this yourself. I think that you will find that it is about typo's not spelling mistakes as you so clearly demonstrated in your comment.

Secondly, no comment on the SSP or Liberals? No comment on the content of the article?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Charlie: Funny thing clicked on your name to find out your view of the world and horror of horrors it seems that you are actually clairwill, bit worrying really that you feel the need to hide in this manner.

John MacLean said...

I post this for a 2nd time in the hope of receiving an answer this time.


Labour's manifesto states you will introduce 2 new council tax bands below A and above H.

Renfrewshire Band A has 14,306 households.
Renfrewshire Band H has 200 households.

Can you explain how <200 households in Band "H+" will subsidise the x,000 in Band "A-"? And how the bands will be split up? I would appreciate your answer.

The Cynic said...

Problem is Rayleen that while a few of those who indulge in their obsession, "Terrywatch", can from time to time say sensible and laudable things in their own blogs they really cant help themselves and then have to say something nasty about someone, usually Terry or Wendy Alexander

No-one denies them or anyone else their right to comment on issues. Whether or not you agree with them is an entirely seperate issue. However, what gets me is the fact that they play politics at such a personal level. People who apparently harbour such deep-rooted hatred towards public figures really do need professional help.

On the other hand it might well just be supercilious posturing on their part but do they really have nothing better to do.

Rayleen Kelly said...

John: I said it before and I will say it again, when I have time I will respond right now I am kind of busy replying to my constituents and representing them.

John MacLean said...

You don't have any constituents! The council is disbanded until the elections.

I don't think I am asking an awkward or hard question. I just want to know how this will affect people in Band A or H properties, and what the costs/revenue will be.

Isn't there like a Labour party briefing or something you can quote?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Mr MacLean: It is interesting how little you actually know about the Council. The Scottish Parliament has broken up, Councillor's are Councillor's until the third of May. If this were not the case why are there still meetings being held?

On your second point I will get back to you but as I said a little busy trying to work on constituency business, maybe the Councillor's you know have broken up until the election but the Labour representatives are still looking after their constituents.

John MacLean said...

I apologise for getting council procedure wrong, I assumed the seats would be dissolved until after polling day. Fair enough.

But you have enough time to pick me up on this point but not enough time to answer my question? Come on! (as Paxman would say).

I don't expect you to have this info at your fingertips, but I expect a Labour candidate in a COUNCIL election to know where to get an answer with regards COUNCIL tax, and pass it on to a voter.

On your last point, I don't "know" any councillors on a personal basis, just as people I have approached in the past regarding issues of concern. I don't really appreciate your insinuation to be honest.

Rayleen Kelly said...

John: As I have said before when I have the information I will pass it on through the comments section or maybe even through an article all of it's own! As for the rest of it, my insinuation? I was questioning your source of information, if it was not from a Councillor then it was an assumption, fair enough, you were wrong you have accepted that and I will get back to you.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Anon: there were two of you please check the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog for information on why you have not been published.

Rayleen Kelly said...

John: Told you I would get back to you and I am a woman of my word so here goes ...

You were asking for the cost/ revenue ,in order to answer as fully as I can I will explain the proposals as they stand...

1. The extra bands one at the bottom and one at the top, my understanding is that it will be cost neutral.

2. The Labour promise is that the Council tax rise will be below inflation for the next four years.

3. That pensioner households will see their water bills cut in half within two years as a first step towards abolition.

The Labour promises will make a major difference to the people of Scotland and are fairer and retain the staility of local government finance throughout Scotland. This allows Local Government to provide the services the electorate need, the black hole in the plans of the oppositions plans will mean massive cuts in the services we provide.

John MacLean said...

You have manifestly failed to answer my question for the umpteenth time.

I was what you politicos call a 'floating voter'. I emailed or asked on blogs of all parties standing in Renfrewshire what their council tax/local income tax policies were. Obviously I pay a few quid on these taxes so I want to know how changes will affect me and people around me.

Every party except Solidarity have answered my questions. And now yours.

You and your party will not be receiving my vote on May 3rd.

Rayleen Kelly said...

John: Just because you didn't like the answer does not mean I did not answer it I did, I am sorry to hear that will not be voting Labour, but you should possibly look at more of the policies than the council tax.

George Dutton said...

SSP Lies...

Rayleen,coming from someone that represents a party that doesn`t know the difference between truth and lies is just a continuation of ten long years of lies, lie after lie after lie from New Labour. I for one will never EVER vote New Labour. Would like to spend more time on this with you but the breaking news is that your leader and other members of New Labour may well be facing Imminent Arrest on bribery and corruption charges, so back to the news for me.

Rayleen Kelly said...

George: Given the brevity of your comment I thank you, I somewhat sceptical that you ever did vote Labour and don't think that we have lost a vote here.

I have not lied over the last ten years, you will have to be more specific and keep it clean and short please.

George Dutton said...

Well done Rayleen,you are right (in more ways then one) I have never voted Labour or New Labour.

I NEVER use bad language,you should not assume that I do.

You said...
"I have not lied over the last ten years, you will have to be more specific and keep it clean and short please."

The party you belong to has. That was the point I was making.

Rayleen Kelly said...

George: the problem with the Internet and text is that the intention can be disguised, I was not insinuating that you do use foul language but some people have done and so I have said this to a number of bloggers when trying to get a more succinct comment from them, my experiences involving the SSP and bloggers have not been positive in this manner. No offense meant.

By specifics I meant you say lies, upon lies, upon lies (I am paraphrasing) tell me a lie and I will tell you what I think of it and address your point specifically.

George Dutton said...

Well how many do you want Rayleen?.

I asked New labour for help with parking as I am disabled, they gave me an H-bar and told me NO one was allowed to park on it,that was a lie. An H-bar is just there to ask people not to park there,no legal obligation not to park on one.

In the end I had to move house not just for that reason but that was a major one.They moved me to another house, and more trouble parking. In the end I had to go to the Lib Dems and thank God they helped me.

That long post (too long to put on?) is full of what New Labour was going to fix after the Tory years. They lied did they not.

Rayleen Kelly said...

George: thanks for the info, I don't know both sides of the story but I do know that when I have previously explained this to constituents of mine I have advised that the disabled parking bays that the Council put down are not statutory, they can be if you get a traffic regulation order but they are not normally. There is a private members bill by Jackie Baillie the Labour member for Dumbarton on this issue trying to make ALL disabled parking bays statutory, which coincidentally I support.

I must admit this is a bug bear of mine, my youngest brother spent sometime in a wheelchair and so I know from first hand experience how inconsiderate some motorists can be. However, have you considered the possibility that the Labour member has maybe made a mistake?

You have jumped to the conclusion that it is a lie, I am sorry that this has happened to you, but I assure you that it is not my experience of my colleagues. But I understand how distressing it can be when you are given bad information.

George Dutton said...

Rayleen, Very sorry to hear about your brother,hope is is alright now?. If you knew how long all this went on for? not weeks or months, YEARS.

The last time I spoke to a New Labour councillor (after explaining all to her) she said "What do you expect me to do." says it all.

Anyway I will not keep you up anymore. I know you are VERY tired with the election.

Rayleen Kelly said...

George: Unfortunately my brother died about ten years ago of Leukemia the reason he was in a wheelchair was as a direct result of the drugs he was on at the time and the damage it can do to the body. I say this just to explain, it is something that I have described on this blog before so not trying to get the sympathy vote, I don't need it, all I need to know is that I am doing the best I can to make sure that no one ekse has to go through what my family has been through. ( with the election on you can't be too careful about this type of disclosure although it was in the local press so shouldn't come as any surprise to my constituents)

I am sorry that you feel that you had such a bad experience with your local Labour representative but, I can assure you that it is not a typical experience, that does not make it any better though and I understand that. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me though and I hope that the issue has been resolved now.

Have a good weekend and keep in touch.

George Dutton said...

Really sorry to hear that,really am.

The truth is Rayleen New Labour didn`t want to know about me. For years I was no better then a prisoner in my own home, unable to go out because I wouldn`t get parked up on my return. Add to that I was refused disability benefits for years when I had been diagnosed (X-rays don`t lie). Then had to go before a benefits tribunal to beg and get a unanimous decision by three people, one a doctor who shook his head that I had been turned down in the first place. And have you seen the questions they ask you on the form,the same question put a different way just to try and get the interpretation they want so as NOT to help you. New Labour,the New Tories Rayleen. They do this because they know many will not want to go before a tribunal for many reasons,one is fear another they are too proud. I paid taxes for years,super taxes some weeks for the amount of overtime I had done, I was the only bread winner as my wife and I had five children to look after. Not easy with just one wage coming in that is why I worked so much overtime when I could?. A lot of good it did me the mess I am in now. New Labour even took 50% of MY/OUR serps off my wife when she retires and I am gone, she will struggle to live when she retires. My children have all done well, NEVER been in any sort of trouble we brought them up to respect others and they have.We are proud of them all. We are just working class thats why we DON`T vote New Labour.

George Dutton said...

Rayleen, staying up late is a bad thing to do. It will catch up with you one day.

Rayleen Kelly said...

George: Seriously I am going to bed now!!! I promise!


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