Tuesday, February 13, 2007



In the Herald's Society pages today you will find an article on the new payments scheme for Foster Carers in Renfrewshire. I have written an article on my previous website about the level of pride that Renfrewshire Council has in it's Foster Carers and how important they are not just to the council but mostly to the children they look after.

The article highlights that Renfrewshire Council are having an information and open night in the Paisley Town Hall on February the 22nd between 7pm and 9pm and all are welcome some of the council's carers will be at the open evening to discuss their experiences and offer help and advice. Senior Social Worker Rosemary Morgan is quoted as saying ...

'We appreciate our foster carers, and are paying carers sufficient to meet the children's needs rather than them having to ask for additional discretionary payments.'

At a political level the feeling is just as strong, Cllr Tommy Williams the Labour Convener for Community and Family Care Policy Board has been instrumental in the developments in the service and is among the first to thank and congratulate the foster carers for their work and continued dedication to the children of Renfrewshire.

In order to be a foster carer you have to be at least 21 years old, can be single or married and do not need to own your own home or have a job, Renfrewshire Council is keen to stress that children have many different needs and so it fits that a wide range of carers will be needed.

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