Saturday, November 18, 2006



Harriet Harman the Minister of State (Department for Constitutional Affairs) was in Elderslie today campaigning along side the Labour Candidate John Caldwell. Members of both the Labour Party and the public were impressed with Ms Harman's attitude and down to earth personality. Thanks have to go to the local party for their efforts so far and to the people of Elderslie for their positive attitude towards Mr Caldwell.


Anonymous said...

Do we know what she said to the police when she was questioned as part of the Cash for Peerage Scandal? From what I`ve seen in the press all ministers were questioned. I`m sure you're are suppoting the MET's efforts?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Yet again anonymous makes their presence felt! When you have the courage to identify yourself you will find people take you seriously.

In response to your question I support the police in ANY investigation into criminal activity that they undertake, that doesn't mean they are going to find any in this case!

Anonymous said...

I choose anonymity - you host the blog for your own promotion, so you do not. This doesn`t make the point any less valid if it was abuse that you have recieved from anonymous souces then I can understand the issue - but this isn`t abuse. Its an inquiry on your view on something that is making a lot of press and is the talk of the town in Labour circles that I know.

The reason I ask if you support it is becasue various Labour reps (I`m thinking of Nigel Griffith) have sought to undermine the investigation publically before its in a position to report and others (I`m thinking of David Blunkett) who has described the MET's actions as 'theatrical'. I think neither are acceptable and are interfering in a police enquiry - which I`m pleased to see you support the poilce in all their investigations.

As an elected politician I would hope you'd debate the points made and the issues - not revert to attaching those who bring the message. I feel you ahve done this in attempting to dismiss comments as they are from an anonymous source.

Rayleen Kelly said...

My point is that it doesn't matter whether you are posting abusive comments or not (which you shouldn't be doing anyway!) I still do not understand why you need anonymity.

We will have to agree to disagree with reference to the actions of the Labour representatives as I do feel that they have a point.

I have NOT attacked you for your comments merely advised that you cannot expect people to take you seriously if you do not identify yourself, you seem a little touchy on this subject.

The points you made had nothing to do with the article/post written and everything to do with an attack on the Labour Party. Just because they are questioned does not mean they have committed a crime, I would aks that you keep this in mind

Anonymous said...

I am not the 'anonymous' who raised the initial question however I have to agree with them that leaving an anonymous note doesn't make it invalid.

You have mentioned this before. Why does it bother you so?

You say you don't understand why the writer needs anonymity but in actual fact you don't have to understand. You should take points seriously whether someone has put their name to it or not. What difference does it make? Would you rather they just picked a name out of the sky just for you to take them seriously????

If someone has bothered enough to ask you a question or raise a point or issue, why not just answer it? Perhaps it is you who is touchy on the subject. The 'anonymous' was not rude, abusive or intrusive. Your site is called Rayleen's World of Politics afterall. The title suggests you're interested in the Labour party.

Finally, if you only want responces that are in direct responce to your written article then you are on the wrong website.

Rayleen Kelly said...

The comment that anonimity does not make it less valid is nonsense, how can anyone take you seriously if you don't have the courage of your convictions, at least enough to identify yourself.

In answer to your question of whether I would rather they picked a name out of thin air, no I would prefer they were at least honest with their name!

Actually I think it is you who are on the wrong website this is MY website and I would prefer that if people are going to ask a question it is at the very least related to the topic they attatch it to!

I am not touchy on the subject of anonimity I just think that it is the cowards refuge. If you cannot understand I will make it clear I will no longer be publishing anonymous comments on this blog and I will write an article to explain why!

Tom Robinson said...

The fact that you are trumpetting a majority slashed fron 654 to 65 is a good indication of how afraid the Labour Party are about their future prospects both at Holyrood and locally. At least with PR coming in for local elections there will be far fewer (if any) areas where Labour dictate to others when Labour only polled less that 50% of the vote.


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